Welcome to
Dogwood Animal Clinic

As a locally-owned veterinary clinic, we take great pride in offering a unique atmosphere not often found in large corporate clinics. We focus on the happiness of our close-knit crew and tailor our work schedules to meet each individual's need. Despite having a busy workday schedule, we maintain a laid back, comfortable environment and are always open to new ideas.

We welcome externs and provide a very hands-on learning experience.

Lives Well-Lived

To us, our families, pets and free time are very important. We offer a very generous amount of paid time off.

We allow employee pets to work alongside us! We know how stressful it can be worrying about a pet left at home and encourage friendly and housebroken pets to come and hang with the crew.

On occasion, we even have a two-legged child join us for the day. Children are always welcome and seem to enjoy their time at our clinic!

We adapt the schedule to work with our lives.

We provide sign on bonuses, all expenses paid continuing education opportunities, and amazing discounts for personal pets. Additionally we offer health, vision and dental insurance and pay for all memberships and dues associated with veterinary medicine.


We collaborate with one another all day long. We help each other learn, grow and stay calm in the occasional stressful situation. We cover for one another when time off is needed.

We like to party! We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, holidays, and many other occasions that give us all an excuse to eat, drink and be merry!

Tailored Medicine

We do not have set protocols; we believe every patient and person deserve to be treated as an individual.

Our doors are open to the wide variety of unique people and pets in our community, and we cater to a variety of needs.

We have close relationships with the near-by specialists and routinely include them in our cases when needed.

Bells & Whistles

We practice high quality medicine and have the most up to date tools to make it happen. We are consistently upgrading and adding to our vast array of diagnostic equipment.

We have in house Idexx machines including Sedivue. We can carry a wide variety of in house tests and are always happy to order specific tests as needed or requested.

In addition:

  • Digital X-Ray with images seamlessly and immediately attached to patient records
  • In house ultrasound
  • Surgical suite with thorough monitoring systems
  • Quick access to in house echocardiograms and ultrasounds read by board certified radiologists
  • Same day radiographic interpretations by board certified radiologists
  • User-friendly cloud based software
  • VIN subscription

If Dogwood sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle and personality, please reach out to us! Direct any calls or emails to Vanessa Craine (office manager) or just simply stop by any time!

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