An Empathetic Approach to Veterinary Care

Finding a trusted veterinary practice is every pet parent’s priority. That means finding a team that handles your pet thoughtfully, instead of running through the motions. At Dogwood, it’s our priority to give you and your animal friend the best possible visit. We believe that pets are people too.

What to Expect From Your Visit

A Warm Greeting

Our staff is a crew of devoted animal lovers and fear free certified professionals. They’re always excited to greet new patients and to speak to owners with deep understanding.

Honest Communication

When it comes to treatment, we lay out all options, costs and additional resources. You can expect that we’ll take time to make sure you know what’s going on, because we truly want what’s best for your pet!

Above and Beyond Service

Even when the solutions aren’t right in front of us, we tap into our extended network to find a course of action for your pet’s care.

Individualized Attention for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets have unique personalities! They deserve to be seen for who they are. At Dogwood, we’re invested in the process of truly meeting your pet before making medical assessments. In taking the time to say “hello” to our patients, we lay the foundation for quality, long-term relationships. Going to the vet can sometimes be scary, so it’s important we do our best to make animals happy to come in and see us!

A Culture of Caring

Our staff is committed to providing the best possible care. This mission is supported by Dogwood’s culture of honesty and compassion, and through our dedication to keeping veterinary care approachable.

Plus our clinic is Fear-Free Certified to ensure your pet experiences the calm and supportive environment they deserve.

Meet OUr team